Our Company

The L&L Global Merchants Company, after ten years of experience, research and cooperation with big companies and refineries, regarding the problems of the existing lubricants and caring about the environment and natural resources, started its activities in 2012 with the aim of upgrading the quality level of products on global market with an attempt to introduce products to the world to save nature, this company has successfully produced a kind of semi-synthetic industrial lubricants for the first time and under the commercial name Brise+. By adding different types of gasoline and diesel lubricants, this company has completed its market basket. By utilizing the most recent knowledge according to International standards, experienced staff and engineers, using highest quality international base oil, and precluded additives of valid companies of Infineum and Rhein chemi which are confirmed by European car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volvo, made Brise products one of the best lubricants in the world.
This company in the R&D unit make great effort to increasing its technical knowledge, production level, packaging quality and production diversity; and we are looking for having a great share of the global market.
With the motto of stable high quality, we are considering the future of our world.